Updated: 10 June 2010

IRP Public Hearing: DURBAN:
         26 November 2010

The Department Of Energy held the first IRP Public Review on 26 November 2010 at the DURBAN INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTRE.

Below a table of programme and presentations given by various stakeholders and interested parties.

Program Version
     Programme for Durban    (217 KB) Version 1
     Programme for Durban - Updated   (219 KB) Version 2
Presentations Presenter
     ECOPEACE: Comments on Integrated Energy Resource Plan    (1,636 KB) ECOPEACE
     IRP –“Daylight robbery and declaration of War against
       planet Earth”
   (238 KB)
     GeaSphere: Comments on Integrated Energy Resource Plan    (862 KB) GeaSphere
     PAMSA Presentation to NERSA –Public Hearing in Durban
       at the ICC
   (102 KB)
     Southern African Faith Communities Environment Institute    (1,640 KB) SAFCEI
     Sappi SADraft IRP(E) 2, 2010 - Durban    (227 KB) SAPPI
     Renewable Energy Electricity from Sugar Cane Fibrein
       South Africa and Region Draft IRP2010
   (452 KB)